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To The Teachers...

To The Teachers...

Dear all the teachers everywhere,

As the founder of Curiscope, it’s been a huge perk of my job to meet and speak with so many passionate, talented and hardworking educators from all over the globe. I learn so much from each and every one of you….and as a result, I felt the need to share awareness of a specific challenge you all have to tackle each and every day.

The Challenge:

Thinking back I don’t think I really appreciated what went into my lessons. It’s not personal, it's just that whenever a young mind is told they have to do something (like go to school!) it’s very difficult for them to buy into it, especially when it’s not associated with play (for me school felt like the opposite of play).  Having learned a lot recently about what it takes to give great lessons I couldn’t believe how much hard work, creativity, evenings, weekends and most shockingly hard earned cash from your own pockets it takes. The obvious question it raised for me around this daily challenge was was “why go the extra mile?”.

Whilst I’m sure appreciation is always welcome, what I’ve learned is that it’s not really what drives you as teachers. What I admire the most is that for the majority of teachers I have met and spoken with over the years and recent months you all are fuelled by the reward of seeing your students learn and grow into healthy, kind and balanced adults with a bright future ahead of them and ultimately all of us. I learned you guys do whatever it takes to achieve the best for your students (our children!), a truly admirable and noble pursuit.

It’s ultimately the same reason Ed and I formed Curiscope and as we’ve realised how common our goals are, we have been actively aligning the company to further enable teachers to raise wonderfully bright young minds. As many of you may know our first product is the Virtuali-Tee! A t-shirt and app that lets you take your class on an amazing augmented reality learning adventure through the human body! A truly transformative experience for your classroom.

The thank you:

We believe in maximising how far you’re passion and hard work goes and as such, I am really proud to present that we now have free teaching resources available to all. These not only accompany the Virtuali-Tee, but can also be used without purchasing anything, either by utilising the freely available features of the app, or the non-t-shirt related activities and worksheets we have included. We also now have a free printable tracker too!

Working directly with our wonderful community of teachers, we’ve developed a range of teaching resources to get you teaching about the human body quickly and easily. For direct customers, we wanted to save you the time of building lessons around the Virtuali-Tee from scratch. The worksheets and activities provided will be fun for the individuals, groups or the whole class. We’ve also considered making this work easy to mark or grade.

From a technical point of view we wanted to keep things simple, familiar and therefore easy to adapt, so the resources have been created in powerpoint and docx format. We aim to keep things worldwide friendly so to start with they are built in line with the UK/US/International common core/national curriculums. They are initially for use within Primary/Elementary/Middle years but we intend to grow this out to lower and higher school years. Admittedly they are all in UK English but please for now feel free to translate...even better share those back with us so we can back out to the teachers and students who share your language.

We intend to grow across more topics but realise some are a higher priority than others, so to start with we have created resources across these key subjects:

  • Circulatory system
  • Digestive system
  • Skeletal system

You can browse and download the resources via our new education website dedicated to all the teachers!

So this is the best thank you we can offer you right now (more exciting news to come very soon!). We are excited to see how you integrate the Virtuali-Tee into your classroom and would love you to share any questions or feedback you have in the comments below. Also please feel free email us via if there is anything you want to discuss. We’ll be announcing more about building an official educator community very soon, to hear about this please sign up to our newsletter below.

All the best! 
Co-founder of Curiscope.

P.s. Having personally worked on these resources with the team, I think it really helped me appreciate your hard work even more.

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