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The Ultimate Way to Learn about the Body


Engage Begin anatomy class with a huge WOW! Ultra-realistic, highly detailed 3D visuals of the major organs.

Learning level Aimed at 8-12 year olds but fascinating for students of all ages around the world.

Deep dive Immersive 360 video allow learning from the inside! Take a virtual field trip inside the blood, lungs and intestines. Sample the bloodstream here: <LINK>

Hands-on Transform learning about the body into a tactile, kinesthetic activity. Driven by natural curiosity, students are free to explore the body for themselves, as a class or in groups.

Clarity Isolate physiology into individual modules, allowing students to discover each system’s unique role. Visualise the positions of each of the organs, directly on a real human body.

Assisted Introducing Dr Glover, your handy assistant to take your class through the physiological systems and immersive deep dive.

Accessible Simple to use, and compatible with the most common smartphones. Link to projectors and digital whiteboards. Test your device compatibility here.

Quiz : Complemented with 8 multiple choice quizzes which help cement the learning, while also providing teachers a dashboard and leaderboard to manage the class and make learning fun.   

It's super simple. The magic is in how our Curiscope app interacts with the design.

  1. Download our free app. You can test this out before purchase. It's on Android & IOS.
  2. Pop the t-shirt on. It works with others or in selfie mode. You can also screen cast to a TV or projector.
  3. Point your device at the t-shirt and watch it come to life.

100% cotton and goes in the wash. It's just like any ordinary tee and will last years.

Testimonials from teachers:

  1. "I think the shirt with the combination of the phone app is an amazing classroom tool. I had students stop me in the hallways who are not even in my classes just to ask what I was wearing and when I showed them, the look of surprise and excitement made me feel great about being a teacher."
  2. “I use it for demonstrating the genesis of AR in clothing and linking it with education so it is ideal, people love seeing the moment the human body comes “alive!. This is the start of something”

Enjoyed in classrooms and universities around the world:

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