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The Virtuali-Tee is a magic lens into another world: a guided tour inside the body. Its cryptic design is a portal to another reality – the world under your skin!

View it through our free Virtuali-Tee app on your phone or tablet to unlock the portal into the body. Jump into the pumping heart of an anatomical adventure that brings learning to life using augmented reality technology. Or pop your phone into a pair of virtual reality goggles and immerse yourself entirely in this new kind of anatomical adventure.

Surprise your friends and share the fun or explore alone in selfie mode with effortless learning that feels like play. It’s technology with guts! And all this at a price no higher than a high-quality tee.


Demo the app and test compatibility on your phone via the links below!


Virtuali-Tee App Preview

Watch the video preview below for a live output from the phone of the Virtuali-Tee app.


How to use the Virtuali-Tee

Step 1 - Tracking.

To get started, simply open the Virtuali-Tee app and point at the t-shirt. The tracker image is best picked up by initially pointing at the upper chest with the device 0.5m/1.5ft from the t-shirt.

The tracking of the t-shirt requires that you are in a well lit space without heavy shadows and that the t-shirt is not stretched or heavily wrinkled.

Virtuali-Tee Tracking

Step 2 - Wow, the organs look amazing…now what!?

Well, we have implemented some pretty cool features into the app. Just tap the screen to get started. You can then isolate the physiological system by tapping on the coloured hot spots. You’ll see some buttons floating outside the chest, use the back button to navigate between systems. We encourage you to explore, if you see a button….tap it to find out what it does!

Wow, the organs look amazing…now what!?

Step 3 - Surprise! Meet Hans Glover….your virtual expert on the body!

Think of Hans as a holographic guide to the body. He’ll talk you through the anatomy and physiological systems in the body. Just tap the Hans button and he’ll appear.

Surprise! Meet Hans Glover….your virtual expert on the body!

Step 4 - VR Mode. 

To enable VR mode scan the t-shirt and then tap the VR button. Place your device into a VR viewer and immerse yourself in the three experiences we have inside the body.

VR Mode


Compatibility Guide

We support recent generation mid to high-end tablets and mobile devices on the Android and IOS platforms. To see whether your device is compatible, please download the app before purchasing here: IOS & Android.

Ensure you are running IOS versions later than 8.3 and Android versions later than 4.4.4.

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