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Introducing The Virtuali-Tee

A high-quality tee combined with an app that brings anatomy to life with magical illuminating experiences for you, your friends and family. Physiology is fun when you teleport inside the body. It’s technology with guts!

All this for just the price of a t-shirt.

Bring Learning to Life

The Virtuali-Tee is a magic lens into the world inside your body. View through our free app on your phone or tablet to unlock a portal into your body’s vital organs. Journey on an awesome anatomical adventure that brings learning to life in fully animated 3D using augmented and virtual reality tech. Take a deep breath, dive into the bloodstream, and see for yourself.

Easy and Fun For All Ages

Simply go to the App store or Google Play, download the Virtuali-Tee app to your phone or tablet and start exploring. Share the fun with others, or discover on your own in selfie mode.

More Than A High-Quality Tee

Aside from its magical super powers, Virtuali-Tee is also a great high quality, machine washable, cotton t-shirt with a cool design in long-lasting print that comes in a range of sizes for adults and kids.



Human Body for Kids - AR Smart Toy
Human Body for Kids - AR Smart Toy Unique Gift for Kids See Inside the Human Body with your smartphone Augmented Reality Anatomy Toy STEM Learning Toy T-Shirt Selfie T-Shirt

The Virtuali-Tee is an Augmented Reality T-Shirt that brings learning to life. Point your phone at the t-shirt and open a portal to another reality – the world under your skin!

Follow your curiosity...

We started Curiscope in 2016 to provide a lens into a side of the world that’s always there but not necessarily the one we always see.

Whether you’re diving under the ocean or into the bloodstream, the world around us is full of magic. We build products to unlock this and to fuel the curiosity that exists within all of us.

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