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General Questions 

How does the Virtuali-Tee work? 

You can find step by step instructions for the Virtual-Tee here

Where do you download the Virtuali-Tee app?

You can download iOS here or Android here

Alternatively, you can visit the Virtuali-Tee page here.

Will Virtuali-Tee work on [x] phone?

Virtuali-Tee works best on the following devices:

Operating Systems: iOS 9+ and Android 5+ Other devices may not be supported. Before purchasing, please test for compatibility by downloading the free app from here.

Please note, device compatibility is not the same across our apps.

Will the Multiverse Posters work on [x] phone?

Curiscope Multiverse works best on the following devices: iPhone SE, 6S or later. iPad 5th gen or later. iPod Touch 7th gen or later. iPad Pro. iPad Mini 5th gen or later. iPad Air 3rd gen or later. Google Nexus 5X, 6P. Google Pixel. Huawei Honor 8X, Mate 20, P20 or later. LG G6/Q6 or later. Moto G6 or later. Motorola One. OnePlus 3T or later. Samsung Galaxy A3 or later, J5 or later, Note 8 or later, S7 or later, Tab S3 or later. Sony XZ Series. Wiko View 3 Pro. Xiaomi Mi 8 or later.

Operating Systems: IOS 11+ and Android 7+. Other devices may not be supported. Before purchasing, please test for compatibility by downloading the app.

Please note, device compatibility is not the same across our apps.

Can you get the app to show onto a bigger screen for classroom use?

Our apps are compatible with iOS Airplay and Android Cast for wireless streaming to projectors and screens.

How do you wash the Virtuali-Tee?

Turn inside out and wash at 30C / 86F. Do not iron or tumble dry.

Is there technology in the T-Shirt?

The technology that recognises the T-Shirt is in the app. The T-Shirt is an ordinary tee!

Are you really seeing inside the body?

It's a highly realistic simulation that is incredibly convincing.

Do you cover any other parts of the body?

Currently not, but there are definitely plans for future products.

Are you going to add more features to the app? 

We'd love to hear your suggestions in order to prioritise features but absolutely, development is continuing. We have a feature roadmap which we're actively working through, expect new features soon! 

Does the app come in different languages? 

Currently, Virtuali-Tee is available in fully translated English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Mandarin (Traditional and Simplified), Korean, Russian and Portuguese. We also have a Polish subtitles mode and you can mix and match subtitles/voice between languages.

The Multiverse Posters app is currently English only with new languages planned.

Do you need to pay to use all the features of the app? 

The apps are free to use with the Virtuali-Tee or Multiverse Posters, however, if you are using the demo through our website you have the option to unlock all the features for an in-app purchase. 

Does the app work if the phone is in flight mode?

The app works without wi-fi and in flight mode. You only need a data connection for the initial download.

What are the measurements of XS/S etc?

What's the difference between boxed and unboxed? 

Unboxed means that the brand new product comes in a transparent plastic bag, instead of a small large-letter sized box.

This is because the black Virtuali-Tee was released early, due to popular demand and we are catching up on designing packaging for it.

Does the app work in every country?

Every country that Apple and Google allow. Please use the download links to test for compatibility before purchase.

What age range is this designed for?

Everybody! The app is recommended for kids older than 3, but just as many grown-ups purchase our products as children! For learning, it is recommended specifically for 7-13 year-olds.

Do you run an affiliate programme?

We're currently looking at setting one up. In the interim, you can earn commission promoting our links on Amazon through the Amazon Associates programme


Teachers / Education

How did you create the education resources? 

We worked with experienced UK and international educators to create the teaching resources.

Is there a charge for your Educational Resources?

No charge, they are totally free to download and use as you wish.

Are they compliant with all of your market’s education system?

Our education resources are compliant with the UK National Curriculum and US Common Core.  We have created them to be easily adaptable to local curriculums and class sizes. Please share back with us any feedback you have regarding the resources via

How should the education resources be used?

Please take a look at this document which is in the resources for information on why we created Education Resources and how to use them.

How does your bulk pricing work for teachers?

For any bulk discounts, contact us via

Can I amend the teaching resources to suit my class’s individual needs?

Yes! Please do. We'd love to learn about how you are working with VT in class, so we can improve our product and resources. Please share your feedback with us via

What ages are the teaching resources suitable for?

We have designed them for use with school children aged 7-11 years.

What systems do you have resources far?

We have developed educational resources to support the Circulatory, Digestive and Skeletal Systems and also our brand new Heart Rate Tracker.

What is included in the teaching resources?

We have included slide presentations along with worksheets, activities and images which you are free to reuse/adapt. We have also included quizzes which are directly based on the voice content within the app.

Is there anywhere I can make suggestions or feedback on the teaching resources?

Yes please email us at



Where does Curiscope deliver?

We deliver worldwide with the exception of a few countries. If you are concerned we don't ship to your country please contact us at

Certain countries have specific delivery requirements, as per below. Please try to follow these, if possible, to ensure that the parcel arrives as intended.

Middle Eastern countries (e.g. Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates etc.): please include a post box in the address to ensure that the order arrives without any delays.

Russia: please use a business address, if possible.

Countries with addresses in another language: please spell out the address in English, so the order can be properly dispatched by the warehouse.

Will I be charged VAT?

The cost of the Virtuali-Tee is VAT inclusive.

What is your returns and refund policy? 

You can find our full return and refund policy here



What methods of payment do you accept? 

We accept payment via PayPal, Stripe and all major debit and credit cards.

Do you offer bulk purchase discounts?

We offer bulk discounts for schools and educators. Please contact for more information.

I would like to place a purchase order (PO) for my school, how do I start the process?

We accept purchase orders from schools, if you need a W8-BEN-E form (W9 equivalent for foreign businesses i.e. Curiscope), please email to request one.



Curiscope looks amazing, how do I apply?

Please email us at


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