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Augmented Reality,
Meet The Classroom.

Our immersive, award winning classroom tools, allow you to deliver a learning experience that makes the wonder of Science memorable, engaging and accessible to everyone.

The Virtuali-Tee combines a t-shirt with a free app enabling your students to learn about the human body...on a human body. And our Multiverse Posters combine a poster with a free app enabling your students to learn about the wonders of the solar system in their classroom.

Augmented Reality, <br>Meet The Classroom.
Multiverse Posters

Multiverse Posters

Bringing the universe into your world.

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Don't take our word for it, take theirs...

We brought The Virtuali-Tee into St Bartholomew's Primary Academy in the UK to see how the teachers and kids would react.

Get Your Virtuali-Tee Now

Get Your Virtuali-Tee Now

Compatible with all major smartphones and tablets. IOS & Android.

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Take your class on an adventure into another world.

Bring your lessons to life with products that will engage, open up and bring your whole class together. Students already see the value in tech so we're building a range of high quality products enabling high quality tech time.

Learn in context.

Learn in context.

There's no better way to understand abstract subjects than with real life context. The Virtuali-Tee is the only way to learn about the human body directly on a student, unlocking what simple diagrams just can’t deliver. Students see what's happening beneath their skin to provide an experience that really captures their imaginations.

Enable your students.

Enable your students.

Let them uncover the Digestive, Respiratory, Skeletal, Renal and Circulatory Systems. AR/VR experiences allow students to dive inside with full 360 degrees of freedom to look around and investigate. Or view your own Heart beating live in AR using the Heart Rate tracker. The Virtuali-Tee and Multiverse Posters can be used directly by a teacher or broken out into groups/individuals for investigations and student driven learning.

Simply connect to your classroom.

Simply connect to your classroom.

Our apps are free to download and are compatible with mid-level, recent generation Apple and Android devices. Connect the app to a TV, Projector or Whiteboard through Airplay, Apple TV or Chromecast. We've even created a suite of free accompanying lesson plans to get you started today!

Your free teaching resources
and lesson plans.

We believe in saving teachers time (especially evenings and weekends!). To get you started quickly, we've created a series of lesson plans that are US Common Core and UK National Curriculum compatible. They include worksheets which are fun for students and easy to grade. We cover the:

- Circulatory System
- Digestive System
- Skeletal System

Feel free to use and amend them as you see fit and send any feedback to

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Your free teaching resources<br>and lesson plans.

Multiverse Posters

A poster that comes to life.
Order from Earth, Moon, Mars and Solar System.


Multiverse Posters
"It's one of the most innovative and engaging ways for everyone from curious middle schoolers to revising teenagers to learn about Biology."

The Evening Standard

The Virtuali-Tee

An Augmented Reality T-shirt for learning about the body.


The Virtuali-Tee

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have questions, don't worry! We've put together a list of the most common queries about the Virtuali-Tee and our accompanying resources. Just head to the Curiscope FAQ.

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