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10 Mind-Boggling Number Facts About The Body

10 Mind-Boggling Number Facts About The Body

Your body is amazing and can do some pretty unbelievable things. Try getting your head around 10 mind-boggling numbers about your body. Do you know them?


The number of miles that your blood vessels would stretch across if they were laid end-to-end. In grown-ups they can even be 100,000 miles; to walk that far you’d need to travel around the entire world four times.

Every single one of your heart beats is your heart muscle contracting to push blood all the way round your body, so you need to do it a lot to get your blood pumping all day every day. That means your heart beats (on average) 100,000 times every single day! 

If you found those facts shocking, take some deep breaths in and out to calm down. Specifically, 26,000 of them. That's how many times you breathe in and out in a normal day.

39,000,000,000,000 (39 Trillion)
That's the number of bacteria currently calling your skin and guts home. Crazy right? Whats even crazier is thats more than the actual number of microscopic cells that make up your body, which is closer to only 30 trillion. So technically, you’re more bacteria than you are you!

That’s the number of bones we have in our necks. It is also the same number of bones that giraffes have in their necks, despite being up to 8ft long!

If you were able to bottle all the gas you fart out every day, it would measure between 476 and 1,491 millilitres of farts! 

How long have you been reading these facts? If it is less than 90 seconds (one and a half minutes), then your blood has travelled all the way around your body in that time!

Not one to try at home, but you can remove up to 2/3rds of your liver and it will completely grow back within a few weeks!

A single human hair is 100 times as thick as the walls of the capillaries in your body which are only made up of one or two layers of very flat cells. Conversely, the largest cells in the human body (eggs ready to fertilised to become babies), are nearly the exact same thickness as a hair!

We currently think that between 20% to 91% of our DNA might not actually do anything at all! Thats such a big gap because we still know next to nothing about DNA, despite it being so important!

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