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Announcing Operation Apex: A new VR adventure from Curiscope and HTC's Vive Studios

Announcing Operation Apex: A new VR adventure from Curiscope and HTC's Vive Studios

We’re thrilled to reveal a sneak peek at ‘Operation Apex’, our new VR adventure, created in partnership with HTC's Vive Studios.

The ocean remains one of the most expansive, fascinating and diverse places on Earth. We’re thrilled to reveal a sneak peek at our new VR adventure, Operation Apex, and invite you to discover the depths of the ocean. Dive with sharks and explore marine life in a captivating experience, created in partnership with HTC's Vive Studios.

Great White Sharks, our first VR adventure, has become the most viewed 360 shark video on YouTube with over 20M views since its launch in January 2016. At the time we saw a huge opportunity to allow anyone to experience diving with Great White Sharks, but more importantly encourage respect, adoration and connection with a crucial species in our global food web.

Our initial success encouraged us to craft a fully interactive room-scale adventure where sharks can detect your presence. Only a handful of people get to experience diving in the deep-sea and study marine life first hand. Operation Apex enables you to interact with sharks and many other elusive creatures that are rarely seen outside of their natural habitats. What’s more, the sharks in Operation Apex have the ability to react to your presence, and we can’t wait to reveal more about the algorithms that power them.

We strongly believe we all have the power to inspire one another to care more about our planet. We are deeply concerned about marine life and its future. The ocean forms two thirds of the Earth and millions of tonnes of plastic ends up in it every year, killing marine life and threatening precious creatures. Operation Apex invites you to get fully submersed in the wonders of the ocean and connect with its inhabitants.

Scheduled for Q4 2017, we can’t wait for you to dive in and explore the awe-inspiring underwater environment. From the kelp forest to the open ocean, become a marine biologist, learn about the ocean’s precious ecosystem and our individual impact on it.

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