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DK & Curiscope: All About Virtual Reality

DK & Curiscope: All About Virtual Reality

Today we announce our first product produced in partnership with Dorling Kindersley. All About Virtual Reality is available today from all good book stores and from Amazon (US $16.99/ UK £9.99). 

DK created the books that drove the curiosity within myself and Ben when we were younger. The opportunity to partner with them and create All About Virtual Reality was an extremely exciting one, and we’re very proud to have helped to develop such an innovative product with one of the most adored publishing brands in the world.

In the book you can learn about the history of VR, from how it was invented to how it is used in the world today - from aircraft simulators to sci-fi movies, and recent developments like the Oculus Rift. Find out how VR headsets play with your senses of sight, sound, and touch to fool you into thinking you are somewhere else.

Then use the included VR viewer and download the smartphone app to dive into five amazing experiences - come face-to-face with a T.rex, look inside a volcano, explore the Roman Colosseum, hop aboard the International Space Station, and peek under the surface of a pond. All About Virtual Reality also comes with stickers that allow children to fully customise the included VR viewer.

We're very excited about the stickers (of course) but also the opportunity to create some awesome learning experiences in environments we've yet to explore. We're incredibly proud of the experience, of the book, and of the opportunity to introduce VR and AR to more and more people. We hope you enjoy your experience and we'd love to hear your thoughts.

Try the app out by downloading for IOS or Android.

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