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Teacher’s Guide: How to use the Virtuali-Tee in the Classroom

 Getting Started

The Virtuali-Tee is an incredibly powerful tool to use in the classroom. It couldn't be easier to implement it into your lesson and will transform the way you teach to get that wow moment every time. 

Where to Buy

The Virtuali-Tee is available for purchase through our website or Amazon. If you purchase three, ten, twenty-five or more t-shirts through our website you are eligible for a bulk discount. 

Simply use the code BLKEDU20 for a 20% discount when you purchase three or more t-shirts, BLKEDU25 for a 25% discount when you purchase ten or more t-shirts or BLKEDU35 for a 35% discount when you purchase twenty-five or more t-shirts. 

We’re also able to accept orders via PO’s from schools. Please get in touch with us at for this.

How to Download the App

The app is free to download from Google’s Play Store or Apple’s App Store depending on your device. Simply search ‘Virtuali-Tee’ to find the app and click ‘install’.

Please ensure your device’s compatibility by testing it here. When you test the app on the demo page you may be prompted for an in-app purchase - just ignore this prompt as when you receive and scan your t-shirt it will automatically unlock this.

How to use the App

Once the app is downloaded please ensure you have allowed camera access as it is required to scan the t-shirt.

Put on your Virtuali-Tee, get a student to wear it or even pop on a skeleton. Open the app and point your device’s camera at the Virtuali-Tee. For best results stand about 3 feet away from the t-shirt. If the camera doesn’t detect and scan the t-shirt try bringing your device closer and then slowly pulling it away.

Once the app has scanned the Virtuali-Tee tap anywhere on the screen to peel back the layers of the body and interact with the different systems and organs by clicking on the hotspots.

The app works in selfie mode, so a student wearing the t-shirt can use the front camera to explore the internal systems on themselves. Activate this by clicking on the switch camera icon in the top right corner.

If you have a VR headset you can also activate VR mode by tapping on the VR goggles in the top right corner. The app is compatible with most cardboard headsets as long as they allow camera access. In VR mode hover the cursor over the hotspots in order to interact with the systems.

Hans Glover is the anatomy expert that will guide and talk you through all the different systems and organs. Tap the hand icon at the bottom to activate Hans.

Viewing on a big screen

You can connect the app to a TV, projector or Whiteboard through Airplay, Apple TV or Chromecast. Simply plug your Chromecast or Apple TV into the projector and connect your device. You can find further information on how to connect your devices below.




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