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Augmented Reality T-Shirt Smart Toy - AR & VR
Augmented Reality T-Shirt Smart Toy - AR & VR Augmented Reality Smart Learning Toy See Inside the Human Body Augmented Reality Anatomy Toy STEM Learning Toy T-Shirt Selfie T-Shirt
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The Virtuali-Tee is an Augmented Reality T-Shirt that brings learning to life. Point your phone at the t-shirt and open a portal to another reality – the world under your skin!

Check it out via the short video below!

View it through our free Virtuali-Tee app on your phone or tablet to unlock the portal into the body. Jump into the pumping heart of an anatomical adventure that brings learning to life using augmented reality technology. Or pop your phone into a pair of virtual reality goggles and immerse yourself entirely in this new kind of anatomical adventure.

Surprise your friends and share the fun or explore alone in selfie mode with effortless learning that feels like play. It’s technology with guts! And all this at a price no higher than a high-quality tee.


Demo the app and test compatibility on your phone via the links below!

We support recent generation mid to high-end tablets and mobile devices on the Android and IOS platforms. To see whether your device is compatible, please download the app before purchasing here: IOS & Android.

Ensure you are running IOS versions later than 8.3 and Android versions later than 4.4.4. 

The T-Shirt is 100% Cotton and Machine Washable.

Customer Reviews

Based on 98 reviews
Can we get these in the uk

What a great product, I want to purchase 3 for my teenage girls as they are studying biology at school. So, would we be able to purchase them through Amazon UK.
Have you thought of a Spider-Man type suit that would be cool.

Love the shirt!

Most comfortable shirt ever - also LOVE the message.

What’s next? This Tee is top training aid!

Nice addition to my training aids. It would be great to have apps that would demonstrate medical issues such as Angina, MIs, open and closed pneumothorax, paracardial tampanade, ventricular fibrillation, occluded trachea, etc for the paramedic training I do. Long sleeve versions and leggings for skeletal and soft tissue anatomy, fractures, sprains, strains, soft tissue injuries ( lacerations, contusions etc) too




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