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Teaching with augmented reality is now as easy as ABC! Here’s how...

Teaching with augmented reality is now as easy as ABC! Here’s how...

NEWS: We’ve launched a free printable Augmented Reality tracker! Simply download, print and point our free app at the tracker.

Here’s why...

It has always been important to Curiscope to make high quality immersive educational experience, but it’s also equally important that they be ultra-accessible...and by ultra, we mean as close to anyone and everyone as it’s possible to get!

There are a couple of very common barriers that stop the awesome engagement power of AR being brought to a classroom:

A. Teacher’s don’t have devices that support AR.

B. Teacher’s don’t have the budget to afford new tech/tools.

C. Teacher’s don’t have time to integrate new tech/tools

We learned about these very common issues through speaking directly with teachers. So this year we decided to do what we could to break those barriers down, and as of today, I’m pleased to say we’ve made some good progress!

Here’s how:

A. Actually, the majority of devices ARE compatible! iPads are now very common in schools these days and the majority of these devices are compatible with augmented reality! The issue is, people just don’t realise. So our free tracker is aiming to help raise that awareness. Please help us spread the word!

B. The tracker is free and fact, it works if projected or displayed on screens too. So no additional budget is required to bring AR into your classroom! The free tracker allows the use of the digestive system and heart rate tracker of our free Virtuali-Tee app. Better still the free printable tracker is a great way to try out the Virtuali-Tee app and get approval from your administrator for the budget to buy official Virtuali-Tees with!

C. We have provided free lessons plans to accompany the free printable tracker so teachers have everything they need to start teaching all about the heart or digestive system with minimal prep


So what’s stopping you? Head on over to and get started. AR is as easy as ABC!

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